February 12, 2006

駕照 Driving License (I)

When I was in Taiwan, I never imagined that one day I’d just have to drive. I went to the driving school during the first year of university. However, the time of written exam was always during my lab/experiment sessions that eventually I just gave up the exam itself. Anyway my dad also told me frankly that even if I got the driving license he wouldn’t get me a car. Since I’d probably get the license without even a chance to use it, I didn’t have much “mood” to have it done.

When I moved to Italy, I knew immediately that I’ve made a bad choice… I mean, about not getting the driving license before. Vicenza is a small city and is not as convenient as a metropolitan city like Taipei. In addition, we live in suburbs that we either have to take the bus that passes by every hour or drive when we go out. So, Michele became my personal driver. Some time later, Michele went abroad for business and left me at home all alone. It’s the very first time that I had to bother other people for whatever I wanted to do. I then started to think seriously about getting the driving license.

Soon, we got to know from the Taiwanese representative office in Rome that Taiwanese driving license can be converted into Italian one without taking exam, and I happened to go back to Taiwan for a project, so I finally had the exam done. When I came back, we went to the Motorizzazione to inquire the information about license conversion. I was then told that because I’ve got the license after I was approved as a resident in Italy, I anyway have to do the driving exam in Italy. I was disappointed but nothing I can do about it. So we left.

I didn’t start the driving school immediately, since I’ve always got a thousand things to do and there’re always excuses… at least not until May 2004. Our neighbor wanted to sell her old car. It’s a light blue Twingo. I didn’t like the color too much but since the price is acceptable and everyone tells me that it’s got to be a second-hand car as my first car so I wouldn’t feel too sorry if I bump it or what. So Michele got the car key home some days later. However, due to some paperwork and my scheduled trips, the car really got onto the road more or less half year later.


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如果只是遊玩, 拿國際駕照就可以了.