February 23, 2005

<大禮大同之行>對於平緩的定義 “Flat” Defined

Even though the lodging conditions were too ideal in Dali, the friendly guides, their capability of preparing a real feast in the mountains and the “cultural exchanges” after dinner still made it a lovely and unforgettable night for us.

Unexpectedly I’ve had such a good sleep. Maybe for the tiredness by the upward trip, I didn’t hear anyone snoring during the night. (Someone has had a very bad sleep because he kept hearing the “sixtet” during the whole night!) We got up very early the next day. Even though, I felt totally refreshed to face the challenges of the new day.

Originally the trip to Datong belonged to the first day plan. Because of the weather conditions, the guides decided to postpone it to the next morning. Thinking back, if we knew the road conditions we wouldn’t have departed for Datong. All of us remember that they said the road to Datong is “very flat”, and we naively believed in what they said… The so-called “flat” actually means “milder than the upward trip”. All along the way, there are continuous ups and downs though the slopes are mild. The muddiness left by the rain added to the difficulties of the trip. How we got in, how we got out! In a single morning, we’ve walked for more than 10 kilometers and had a brand new understanding of the meaning of “flat”…

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