February 14, 2005

<大禮大同之行>入侵民宅 Taroko trip: Invasion

I call it “invasion”, because the owner of the house was not there. The weather condition was too terrible and we had no choice but tried to “break in”. Luckily, the door wasn’t locked well and we didn’t make too much effort to enter the used-to-be-church house.

I was surprised by what I saw when I entered the house. Though I didn’t expect to find a luxurious villa in the mountains, but what I found in the house were a simple basin, a fireplace, hanger for clothes, a tiny little table, and a sleeping place. To be honest, I can’t really imagine living in that condition. But at that very moment we were totally wet, tired and hungry, and couldn’t really think too much. The guide prepared some simple lunch, which became gourmet in our hungry eyes. After lunch, I couldn’t really think of anything about “image”, I opened the sleeping bag, found my corner and fell asleep. Well… what can I say… Life can be really simple!

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