February 20, 2006

駕照 Driving License (IV)

When I came back from Taiwan in late November, there’s only a bit more than two months of validity of my driving permit. We went to the driving school again, asking for the coach’s mobile number, thinking to take some lessons when I’d be ready for exam.

Of course, there’s Christmas vacation in the middle…

Right after Christmas vacation, when I started to think, “it wouldn’t be the case for the third driving permit”, the director of the driving school called. He explained to Michele that if I didn’t take the exam, I’d be disqualified. I even have to take the theory exam again and start from the very beginning. That was about mid-January.

I finally started to get nervous. Though I’m lazy, I wouldn’t waste my money, especially the exam will cost me another two hundred euros. So, my special training began.

The driving exam in Italy is quite different to that of Taiwan. Italians do it “on the road”. If the examiner is picky, he’d pick on things as “turning the head before you surpass another car” or “hands’ position on steering wheel are too low” and you might fail the exam for these issues. Parking, entering the roundabout, U-turn is just nothing. Some even are asked to surpass another car during the exam. If I say I wasn’t nervous, I was lying…

The driving permit is expired in early February. So my exam was arranged on the day of the expiration. Two weeks before the exam, my intensive training began. There’s at least one lesson (half hour) with the coach everyday. At the beginning we’re driving around the school. Few days later, time of lesson was increased to one hour and I was taken to the possible area of exam. Besides, when we went out I’d be the one who drove. There’re also some nights that Michele and I drove to the industrial area where I practiced backing my car for some hours. (Michele said it would make me get used to the reverse direction.)

Intensive training of this kind does work, and I really got used to driving. The day before the exam, the coach told me affirmatively “No problem!”


LJ said...

你昨天有沒有看奧運figure skating的部份? 義大利2組都摔的四腳朝天,
可見壓力有多大 ! 不過後面摔倒這一組的義大利女人的臉很兇悍!

Thelma said...

昨天有看, 不過今天就懶了... 我截稿中耶! 妳講的那組, 他們今年是勢在必得, 那一摔可是把獎牌都給摔掉了(第一天他們領先耶), 臉不臭才奇怪勒...

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