January 12, 2007

On the way back to Taiwan

That was quite a pleasant flight. I haven't been taking Singapore airlines for quite a few years and am really amazed. Service is nice, and there're loads of films to be watched. I didn't even touch my book at all. Twalve hour flight was passed in three Dr. House episodes, 10 CSI episodes, and the latest Wallace and Gomit animation. I guess I'll suffer later coz I didn't even try to take a nap and there're almost five hours that I have to wait in Singapore before I get onto the next flight. But I guess after this flying experience, I'll try to take this airline in the future when I can. It's just way too pleasant!!


yingli said...

很久以前(高中的時候)第一次搭飛機也是搭新航,那時候為了紀錄第一次這樣短期遊學,還把筆記拿給空服請機長簽名,結果居然被邀請到駕駛艙,跟機長聊天還吃餅乾,那時候真覺得不可思議。 一直以來對他們的印像就很好,下次有機會的話也想再搭他們的飛機。

bear said...


Aline said...

Dear Thelma
我以為妳這次回家 是搭華航說
新航很不錯吧^__^我很喜歡搭新航呢 第一次搭是去英國 後來對它的服務和硬體設施皆有好感 於是只要想去的地方有新航 我一定選它

不過太多電影和電動 所以常程飛行一落地 眼睛都很疲憊~~

Thelma said...

我已經不記得自己第一次搭飛機是搭哪家航空了... 不過說真的,有機會到駕駛艙真是很不錯...我老公也有一次這樣的經驗,我就沒那麼好運了.

那新飛機不知道是飛哪條航線呢, 不過我對裡面的購物中心倒是很不感興趣.


Karin said...

Singapore Airlines are the best! I flew them to and from Singapore 3 yaers ago, and service is superb. My friend lived out there at the time, and she's having ahard tome getting used to other airlines, since most of them have a lower level of service. What struck me the most was the dresses the stewardesses wore! Tight and traditionally oriental. But they must be used to it. I would feel too contricted. I'm off to South America in 1½ month time and am curious about the service on KLM across the Atlantic! Kx

kathy said...