October 11, 2008

[維也納] Café Central

這是維也納的另一家百年老店,衝著旅遊書上“最好喝的Cafe Melange”,我們來到了Café Central。原本打算用早餐的,不過在旅館裡慢慢摸,真的到咖啡館已經過了十一點,最後成了早午餐。在幾家咖啡館中,這裡有最悠閒的氣氛,儘管高朋滿座,卻沒有其他咖啡館的吵雜喧鬧,這種閒適感恰與此刻在維也納短暫停留的心情非常吻合。


Anonymous said...

I was looking for pumpkin soup recipes and I was directed to your blog. What a SURPRISE!
I did not notice that in the very first beginning until I started reading thoes comments...then I found the blogger's name Thelma...then I found out it was YOU! Wonderful, I have add your blog on my favorite and will definitely check it more often.
BTW, I moved down to Washington DC, the capital of museums. Make sure you come to visit me sometime before next summer (I will be teaching in Fudan University, Shanghai, China). Hope to see you soon either in Taiwan, USA, Italy, or somewhere else. Take care!
Love, Dai-Rong

熊 said...

WOW!! 岱容要去復旦教書!!恭喜恭喜。