March 01, 2005

<大禮大同之行>山上遇到吉卜力The Ghibli in the Mountain

From downhill through Dali to Datong, along the way, our guides tried to explain how these aboriginals in the mountain make their living. The thing that impresses me the most is the inconvenience of transport in this area.

The only two ways for human being to get onto these two villages are both tiny winding mountain tracks. That makes it difficult to imagine, how the hell they transport everyday necessities onto the mountain? The answer is, things are transported either by simple transport cage (which is only for goods) or by human labor. Someone that is used to metropolitan life like me really can not imagine how difficult it is.

From Dali to Datong, we very often heard the sound of an engine, and saw tracks of truck tires. I was “shocked” when I saw the mini truck for the first time. It is actually quite huge, compared to the width of the road. Things with such volume cannot be shipped in one piece directly. Of course, it is taken apart, shipped onto the mountain piece by piece and then resemble in the mountain.

The mini truck looks cute. Michele immediately thought of Miyazaki. For us, it really looks like “designed by Ghibli”. Along with the natural environment of the area, it does remind us some of the Miyazaki movies!

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Dianne said...


對於妳的婦女節疑問, 我剛問了我家先生, 果不其然他還是不太確定, 晚上去公婆家吃飯再來問個究竟囉! ^_*
哈哈!! 對於妳家先生"吉卜力"的聯想, 覺得他真是有赤子之心, 太可愛啦! 呵呵~~