April 05, 2006

[Greece 2004] Athens Impression (13)

Cape Sounion sits at the southern tip of continental Greece. “There’s a sad story about this place.” Mirto said. She started to tell the story of Minotaurus in Greek mythology. This half-man and half-bull figure was killed by Theseus. I am quite familiar with the Greek mythology and knew the story. However, it’s at the very moment that I realized that I only remembered half of the story. After Theseus killed the monster, he went on the return trip to Athens. However, Theseus forgot what he promised to his father Aegeus that if he defeated the monster he should raise a white sail on the returning. Aegeus saw the black sail as the ship approached, and thought that Theseus had been killed by Minotaurus on Crete. In his grief, Aegeus threw himself from the cape into the sea and drowned, and the sea in which he died was called the Aegean thereafter.

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