March 30, 2006

[Greece 2004] Athens Impression (12)

The sun in Athens is unforgivingly burning.

Before I went into the site of the Ancient Market, I didn’t know exactly how big it is. After wandering around inside the Market for a few minutes, I started to feel there’s no one around. It’s the very moment I re-started to enjoy the romantic feeling of traveling all by myself.

Yes, the romance of traveling alone. There’re no other people to bother me. When I travel by myself, I rarely speak. It helps me to calm down and think. I like to find a hidden corner to imagine or to reflect myself. I realize a lot of things when I travel by myself.

The sun seemed especially hot on the day I went to the Ancient Market. It’s been a few days since my arrival and after walking continuously for some days my feet were really tired. Stubborn as I am, I insisted and wandered for more than two hours, hopping from one tree shade to another. The tiredness of the trip would become my memory. Taking a rest?! Well, let’s talk about rest when I’d be home.

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