March 28, 2006

[Greece 2004] Athens Impression (11)

Before I left for Athens, I did hear the news about the conservation project of the Acropolis. However, when I was there in person, I still felt a bit disappointed.

In my mind, the Acropolis is a place that has been disturbed by various unfortunate events, such as earthquake and war. With the cranes and scaffolds around, it seems to lose the kind of antique and isolated charm. Floods of tourists are also annoying that one just can’t enjoy the view in front of him/her in peace. I used to imagine sitting on the remaining wall and looking out to the city, but the image just seems so far…

No matter what, I still found a corner under the big sun to calm myself down and share my thoughts with some friends. The differences between reality and imagination didn’t discourage me, but make me feel even more unreal, imagining that one day I could walk inside the Acropolis alone and enjoy it all by myself.

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