March 26, 2006

[Greece 2004] Athens Impression (5)

Mirto majored in archeology in university. She told me, “Archeological sites are everywhere in Athens. You just need to choose a place and dig!”

As one may have imagined, the metro system here was constantly in delay and the plan needed to be changed due to the discoveries of historical heritages during its construction. It’s a common situation in many other cities in Europe. There’re three metro lines in Athens. One third of it is still under construction. However, major parts in the city are launched so as to face the crowds during the Olympic Games.

It’s quite a nice thing to travel from one metro station to another in Athens. It’s fast and also provides shelter for people to avoid the hot sun. Besides, every station has its own characteristics. It’s either a small gallery for exhibition for contemporary Greek artists or a small museum for whatever heritage was found on the very site during the construction. If there’s enough time, I could buy a day-ticket and travel from one station to another just to enjoy various kinds of exhibitions. Quite an alternative way to see Athens.

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這樣我的英文作文應該會進步比較快吧! XD