March 27, 2006

[Greece 2004] Athens Impression (6-7)

When I started to collection information about Greece, I realized how little I know about this country.

The first time I passed by the Parliament, I was attracted by two “guards” wearing strange outfit. I was told that they are called Evzone. These Evzones with traditional costumes are quite popular among visitors. There’re the exchanges of guards every hour attracting crowds of tourists. However, I wasn’t that lucky to see it. It’s probably due to the good weather, the hot sun and the timing, whenever I passed by the square there’re only tow or three tourists trying to take photos with the Evzones. And I was too shy to ask someone to take a picture for me. I took this photo on the street by chance when they’re on the way to the square, but I was heading toward the opposite direction!


Pigeons here, pigeons there, pigeons everywhere!!

Similar scene can be found in almost every city in Europe. In front of the parliament, tourists were feeding the pigeons under the big hot sun. It reminded me the year I spent in London. I spent lots of time sitting at the Trafalgar Square, doing people watching and daydreaming. How come Athens can make me feel confused in such a strange way?

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