August 25, 2005

Ferrara Buskers Festival 2005 - Music Programs

The main focus of the year is Brazil. Among twenty groups of invited artists, one third are Brazilian groups. We didn’t spend much time hopping from one concert to another. Our focus is not on jazz or blues, coz that’s kind of “common” in our life. Of course we have to take the chance to see something different.

由五個來自塞維爾的堂表姊妹所組成的佛朗明哥歌舞團Las Primas。當初在網站上看到有這麼一個團體,就被我列入目標之一。我向來喜歡佛朗明哥的熱情奔放,有機會觀賞演出決不錯過。她們帶來五首風格各異的演出,雖然歌喉平平,不過舉手投足之間所傳達的情感,還是深深吸引著我。
Las Primas, a flamenco group of five sisters and cousins from Seville. When I saw the info on the Busker official website, I’ve decided to look for their performance during my visit. I always enjoy the passion and enthusiasm delivered by flamenco dance and songs and wouldn’t miss it if there were any chance to see it. They brought five songs with different styles. Even though their singing is not outstanding, I was still attracted by their posture, dance and emotions.

Amadeu Alves & Fabricio Rios Group是我最喜歡的巴西團體。很夏天、很清爽的音樂。演出的時候,兩個打擊樂手不斷地變換著手中的樂器,一件件我很少看到的打擊樂器,也讓我多了視覺上的饗宴。
Amadeu Alves & Fabricio Rios Group is my favorite Brazilian group. Their music is very summery and refreshing. During performance, the two percussionists continuously change their instruments. One piece after another, many of them are new to me. Apart from listening, it has also become a “visual festival” for me.

Didgeridoo is a kind of Australian aboriginal instrument. It seems to become a fashion among street artists. There’re two didgeridoo artists this time. They bring with them didgeridoos of various sizes and shapes. One performs with a synthesizer. He performs, records and samples at the same time to build up his music layer by layer. The other one uses only didgeridoos and his techniques seems much higher than the previous one. The dynamic rhythm invites people to tap along.

We seem to be attracted by clarinet music this year. Clarinet appears in both trios that we stopped to listen to. Both groups are from east Europe. One is composed of accordion, clarinet and percussion. The other is violin, clarinet and guitar. Their music reminds me the happy time we’ve spent in Budapest.

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