August 25, 2005

Ferrara Buskers Festival 2005

Every August, I excitedly expect the coming of the Ferrara Buskers Festival. It’s coming to the 18th edition this year. Since I moved to Italy, it’s one of the must-go in summer. Buskers from various countries come to Ferrara. Though it’s not as big as the Edinburgh festival, but it has become one of the characteristics of Ferrara apart from its cultural value. There are many tiny complex streets and squares in this medieval city and it is perfect for such activities. Turing to another street, one might find a totally different atmosphere created by various artists, awaiting audience to discover their beauty.

The first performance starts at 6PM. Though it’s not weekend, crowds flood into the city center and make it a busy place.

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Karin said...

I've not heard of a buskers festival before, but I like the concept. It offers a taste of everything. One can go and listen to things I know I don't normally hear. Fab!